no effe. ct. Linhai eyes flash, swept the bottle around the jar, these bottles and jars filled with a variety of poison, poisonous insects. Lin Hai from which to pick out a kind of God poison, this kind of god poison was transparent color, crystal clear, which is Ekang poison, poisonous immortal. Taste the taste. Lin Hai swallowed this eruption of poison. This God poison into the body of Linhai, the rapid spread of the spread of the fast outrageous, an instant swept Linhai limbs bibs, and the invasion of Lin Hai s soul. There is a feeling Lin feel a slight tingling skin, body organs like the fire burning in his eyes also swelling up, numb soul, consciousness running slower, far less as usual when the mind Polycom it exam clear and bright. This is a sign of poisoning. Lin Hai took a deep breath, feel the throat eyes are burning. Crashed friends Lin Hai s body, the soul Polycom of God s poison in the stimul. ation, began to automatically change the Polycom Certification original structure, transformed into a new structure, the new structure is more tyrannical, and fear of this Euclidean poison. Although the god of poison that the invasion of Lin Hai s body, and can not invade a particle inside, can not kill the forest from the particle level. After a small half an hour, the symptoms of body discomfort gradually reduced, and ultimately completely disappeared. And Lin Hai in the spirit of the stimulation of the body, the body, the soul has faint

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1K0-001 Polycom Certified Videoconferencing Engineer (PCVE) Polycom Polycom Certification
1K0-002 CVE-2 Polycom Polycom Certification